Consortia eResources negotiates Consortia Opt-in Offers on behalf of the NSW Public Library Network.  These offers provide significant discounts to public libraries and a diverse range of digital content to suit the information needs of the communities served.

Libraries can select appropriate digital content in a range of formats including: electronic journals, newspapers, eBook, eAudio, online video and music.

Products are selected in consultation with the NSW Content Working Group and state-wide trials are arranged for the majority of products offered.  Products trialled are assessed for their suitability for use in public libraries with particular emphasis placed upon the product interface, ease of use, search functionality and the appropriateness and quality of the content.

A number of Consortia Opt-in Offer products have not been evaluated and this is indicated on the product page.   Non evaluated products are offered by some vendors as a component of their annual Consortia Opt-in Offer package.    Libraries interested in non-evaluated products are encouraged to request a trial from the vendor in order to undertake their own evaluation.  


The best way to keep up to date with trials and related eResources information is to subscribe to the NSW Public Library Database Contacts LISTSERV.

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