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LibraryThing for Libraries

Browse, search and discover your library’s holdings in a powerful and engaging new way. LibraryThing for Libraries works by adding data and features directly into your catalogue. Pick and choose which enhancements you want to include. Installation is simple, and each enhancement is customisable.
Individual products include:

Catalogue Enhancement

Would you like to add book recommendations, tag browsing, and information about other editions and translations to your catalogue? This option provides more valuable data for books than can be found within your OPAC, drawn from the LibraryThing database of over 5 million ISBNs.
Book recommendations. These provide a readers’ advisory service, offering high-quality similar and recommended books, so no more dead-end searches!
Tag browsing. With a growing pool of over 84 million tags, all vetted by librarians to ensure their suitability, you can offer the ability to search and browse your books by tag clouds and tag-based search and discovery.
Other editions and translations. Link related editions and translations of the same work. “FRBR-ise” your catalogue with a few lines of HTML.

Reviews Enhancement

Would you like to provide reviews for every item in your catalogue, including books, CDs, DVDS, and anything with a MARC record? Our Reviews option provides over 800,000 ready-populated user reviews to get you up and running from day one. It also provides the option for your library users to rate and review any item in your catalogue, so you can build your own bank of reviews.
User reviews. Let your users rate and review directly with your catalogue, whilst you maintain full moderation control.
LibraryThing reviews. Draw from over 800,000 high-quality reviews supplied by participating LibraryThing users as well as users from other libraries.
Widgets. Users can show off reviews and their library with library-branded widgets.

Virtual Shelf Browser

Would you like to let your users browse a physical shelf via the convenience of your online catalogue? This option uses call numbers and cover images to give users the feeling of browsing a physical bookshelf. Note that a subscription to Syndetic Solutions is required to view cover images.

Series and Awards

Would you like to have series and awards information linked to titles in your OPAC? LibraryThing for Libraries holds more than 50,000 series and displays them in the catalogue, including a short description where available as well as any related series. Listings are both in chronological and publication order. There are also more than 25,000 awards and honours.

Book Display Widget

Display your library’s collection with eye-catching book cover widgets. Widgets can draw data from an ISBN list, a web page, an RSS feed, and other sources, and can be placed anywhere that you can paste HTML. Choose from display types including animated carousels, bookshelves, grids, and more.

Book Psychic

Offer personalised recommendations to your library users, based on your library’s collection. Book Psychic is your library users’ crystal ball. Users rate your books, ebooks, audiobooks and DVDs, and recommendations are generated based on their selections. All recommendations are from within your library’s holdings, and are split into preset genres like Mystery, Romance, and Home and Garden.

Library Anywhere

This mobile web application allows you to search the catalogue, place holds, view checked-out books and more. Our app works for both iPhone and Android. You can customise the homepage to showcase opening hours, branches, and events.




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