The Support Program is a value-added program that provides phone and remote support to assist you with addressing issues related to your Internet services.  These services are covered by your Support Contract and are provided through Hitech Support at no cost.

The program provides assistance for the following:

  • Outages and/or problems with your Internet or other services
  • Problems with Router, Firewall or ADSL equipment

Detailed information about this Support Program can be found under the Related Documents section below.

Who do you contact if something goes wrong?

If you’re experiencing an ISP or any other service related problem, simply contact Hitech Support directly during the hours of  8.00am to 5.30pm (Monday – Friday) on:

Hitech Support:                                1300 791 081


Hitech Support will manage your call by liaising directly with your ISP/service provider to rectify your problem. If you wish to escalate any problems, please contact Joyce Azzopardi at on 1800 679 638.

If your call is outside of Hitech Support’s standard business hours, you should contact your ISP directly on:

Telstra Support:                               1300 364 359

TPG Support:                                    1300 055 717

OPTUS Support:                               13 43 15                             

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for ADSL Services

If you have a ADSL connection and can't connect to the Internet, follow these steps before logging a call with Hitech Support:

  1. Look at the lights on the D-Link and record them on a piece of paper
  2. Check to see if the SonicWall and D-Link have power
  3. Switch off the D-Link and then switch off the SonicWall
  4. Switch on the D-Link and wait for the power light (solid), the status light (flashing) and the ADSL light (solid) to come on
  5. Switch on the SonicWall and wait about 1 minute then test the connection to see if you can access the Internet

If after you follow the above steps and you still can't access the Internet, refer to the following:

Issue: The SonicWall or D-Link isn't on
Resolution: Check the power connections and test for a faulty powerboard or wall socket. If the device still isn't getting power on an active power socket, it may be faulty.
Action: Contact Hitech Support

Issue: The ADSL light doesn't come on, or just continually flashes without eventually going solid
Resolution: There is an issue with your phone line. Unplug the D-Link and plug a normal phone into the phone socket. If you cannot hear a dial-tone, please call Hitech Support and they will log a fault with Telstra line faults. If you do, then it may possibly be an issue at the exchange.
Action: Contact Hitech Support and they will log a call with your ISP

Issue: The ADSL light is on, the SonicWall is on and I still can't connect to the Internet
Resolution: Call Hitech Support as there could be an issue with your ADSL account or with the configuration of your SonicWall.
Action: As above