Good Reading

Good Reading is an Australian family-owned monthly magazine


In 2001 our editor and publisher, Rowena Cseh, was managing a large Sydney bookstore when she realised how lost customers often seemed as they wandered around, browsing. She thought of the idea of a ‘people’s magazine’ about books, a magazine that features reviews of literary books, award-winning books, but also of crime, romance, sci-fi, biography: books ordinary people like to read. Today tens of thousands of Australians rely onGood Reading to help them buy and borrow books – for themselves, their children and their friends.

Since its first issue in July 2001, Good Reading has continued to achieve its aim of introducing readers to new and previously published books and authors, all reviewed and discussed by independent writers and reviewers.

With the launch in 2009 of its new, modern and user friendly website, Good Reading extended its aims to be ‘Everything about Books’ by providing not only a central place for book lovers to find useful information such as first chapters, reading group notes or book events, but also a place for readers to exchange thoughts and ideas.

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