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Britannica ImageQuestTM
Brings lesson plans, assignments and projects to life with over three million
images from 62 leading collections...and growing!
The Bridgeman Art Gallery, Getty Images, the Science Photo Library, Ingram Publishing, the 
National Geographic Society and other trusted image sources have joined with Britannica to 
provide the best and broadest offering of curriculum-relevant imagery and clip art materials 
(infographics, signs and symbols, graphic concepts and cool vector illustrations), all rightscleared for educational, non-commercial use.
Complete metadata for each image helps students learn both the importance of citations and 
how to use them accurately. Citation metadata is updated regularly to reflect changes in 
standards (such as the MLA 8 recent change in format). 
• Project ideas and image albums provide an immediate jump-start and spark additional 
applications for use.
• Filter your results “By Shape”, “By Collection” and by using the newly added “ONLY CLIP ART” 
• Automatically log in to your individual “My Images” account. Great for accessing ImageQuest 
from home!
• Images can be downloaded to your computer desktop or Google drive, shared or printed.
• Integration with Britannica Library offers a streamlined ability to explore millions of related 
right from the search results page (requires subscriptions to both databases).

Britannica ImageQuest Jrn:
The go-to digital visual learning platform for institutions that want a worry-free browsing 
experience for primary patrons. With thousands of carefully chosen, rights-cleared images and 
videos, young learners can embark on a journey of exploration. Provide your educators 
the flexibility to create their own curated albums while the user-friendly and interactive 
interface enables learners to delve into a diverse range of topics. ImageQuest Jrn provides 
trusted rights-cleared resources, fosters student creativity, and enriches understanding with 
vibrant visuals in a dedicated safe environment. Pictorially driven for younger students enabling 
them to confidently navigate the collection, toggle between the images and videos, share, 
download and cite materials to support their understanding.


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