Infrastructure Equipment provides you with a range of modem/routers and firewalls to use with your internet connection.   This equipment includes D-Link modem/routers and SonicWALL firewall appliances which enable you to manage your internet service.  

SonicWALL models deployed in client sites include the TZ400, NSA2600, NSA2700, NSA3600 and NSA4600.   Some of the features of these appliances include:

  • New multi-core MIPS architecture for better performance and throughput
  • Six plus Gb Ethernet interfaces
  • Multiple WAN ports supported
  • Management interface
  • Support for 802.11n SonicWALL wireless access points
  • Subscription services such as inbuilt SSL-BPN and Spam protection

All new equipment is covered with a 12 month warranty.  After this time, annual maintenance subscriptions are available.   These include: 

  • Fast Exchange Maintenance Options
  • SonicWALL Gateway Antivirus & Intrusion Prevention Options
  • SonicWALL Global Management System (SGMS)
  • Basic Firewall Management Plan
  • Comprehensive Firewall Management Plan

More information can be found at the SonicWALL website:

Reporting - SonicWALL firewall appliance sites can access the SonicWALL Reporting Server to retrieve data on:

  • Status  - Uptime reports of firewall/connection
  • Bandwidth – Bandwidth usage overall and by user. This is a combined upload and download bandwidth figure
  • Services – Service usage
  • FTP usage – FTP usage
  • Mail Usage – Mail usage
  • VPN Usage – VPN tunnel usage
  • Configuration ­– Configuration for scheduled reports and summarisation.  Changes to this are disabled
  • Events – Alert settings for the device.  Changes to this are disabled

For more information, please refer to the SonicWALL Reporting Server Guide below.