Gale Business: Plan Builder

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Step-by-step guidance for new entrepreneurs, experienced small business owners, and those starting or running a nonprofit.

Gale Business: Plan Builder is a step-by-step online planning tool for starting, managing and optimizing a business or nonprofit. The program’s intuitive dashboard walks users through five areas of exploration in order to develop a business plan focused on long-term success. Areas include

Entrepreneur Profile This tool helps users explore what they can
bring to the table as an entrepreneur and assess where they stand
in preparing to start a business. A one-page summary of them as an
entrepreneur is generated.

Business Ideation Users can employ tools such as Lean Canvas,
SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, and more to plan the high-level framework
in which their business will operate.

Break-Even Analysis Delivers insight to determine when a user’s
business will be able to cover expenses and begin to realize a profit.

Business Plans Creates a plan that can be presented to potential
investors and lenders, including Executive Summary, Lean Business
Plan, Full Business Plan, and Strategic Marketing Plan.

Financial Projections A robust analysis of a company’s financial future
encompassing capital expenditures, sales, equity, and inventory.




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