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cloudLibrary NewsStand is an annual subscription that allows unlimited, simultaneous use a collection of over 7,000 digital magazine and newspaper titles. Content from all over the globe, current issues and back issues of all titles. Access is via a dedicated app or web interface. No holds, no waiting - your library patrons can read any title at any time!

Some of the features of cloudLibrary NewsStand:

  • All-you-can-read digital magazines and newspapers
  • Unlimited, simultaneous use access model
  • Access to content at all times
  • Dedicated app and web interface
  • 7,000+ titles - magazines and newspapers
  • 300,000+ eMagazine issues
  • Approx 50 languages from around the globe
  • Local, and global titles
  • Browse 40+ categories
  • Library usage reporting available


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Vendor Contact

Kylie Peckham
OCLC, Business Development Account Manager, Digital Content Solutions
Mobile: 0423 191 359
Suite 2, Level 12,
385 Bourke Street
NSW 3000