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Credo Online Reference Service (“CORS”) combines innovative technology with award-winning content to offer users the ideal place to start their research into any topic. The CORS platform’s easy-to-use interface was designed to intuitively connect users to the information they need, while also strengthening important research skills along the way. Features like Topic Pages and the Mind Map brainstorming tool enhance the research experience by providing context and allowing users to see relationships between and across topics. The recently-added Real-time Reference search category makes it easier than ever for users to find background information on issues of real-time importance unfolding in the headlines today. CORS comes packaged with the Public Core or Complete Core Collections.


Publishers contributing titles to these collections include Infobase, Wiley, Routledge, Collins, Cambridge University Press, Houghton Mifflin, Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Penguin and many others. New content and updated titles are added throughout the life of a subscription.


The Public Core Collection provides a diverse learning experience for learners and users of all types. With coverage of popular topics, the Public Core Collection expands on academic reference coverage with helpful guides, general encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, atlases and more. The Public Core Collection is comprised of a growing compendium of more than 850 titles intended for learners of all levels and interests. Also included are nearly 2,000 short reference videos, over 475,000 high-resolution art images, photographs and maps across all subject areas.


The Complete Core Collection is the ultimate general reference resource for researchers at any level. Curated by subject-matter experts to address over 100 topics, the Complete Core Collection provides a launch pad for every lifelong learner. Complete Core offers a growing list of over 1,100 titles to help users answer their immediate research need and engage their curiosity. Content – from major reference works, to multi-volume subject encyclopedias, to field guides, to scholarly handbooks, to animations and countless other award-winning sources – spans across all disciplines with something for libraries of all types.



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