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How did this access come about?

Remote access to the State Library’s eResources has been available for all NSW residents for many years.  The current process requires NSW residents to register with the State Library and receive a State Library membership card.

The new access solution enables NSW residents who are members of their local library to use their public library membership to apply for State Library membership if:

•     The local library opts in and provides its barcode range to the State Library

•     The card holder registers with the State Library

Once registered as members of the State Library, clients can use their local library card for immediate 24/7 access to their local library’s and the State Library’s eResources and without having to be issued with a State Library membership card.  

State Library eResources are complementary to those licensed by public library services and are provided under licence conditions to registered members of the State Library.

Use must be for private research and study purposes only.  Use is to be by the registered individual only – access is not transferable to other parties.  

My Council hasn’t signed the agreement to participate in providing public library client access to the State Library’s eResources. Are we still able to participate in this initiative?

Yes you can opt-in to participate in this initiative at any time, however, the State Library needs an agreement signed by your Council’s General Manager before we can activate your access.  Please contact NSW.net for a copy of the letter/agreement and return signed agreements to NSW.net.

A promotional pull-up banner and jpeg image with accompanying text which can be uploaded onto your Council/Library website will be sent to your Library Manager.    

What happens if public library clients experience issues when registering with the State Library?

If the client isn’t a member of their local library and therefore does not have a membership card/number, they will be prompted to contact their local library.

If the client is a registered member of their local public library and their membership number won’t let them register with the State Library or access the eResources, they will be prompted to contact their local library.   Public library staff can then contact the NSW.net team to discuss and resolve any issues. 

Will statistics be available to public libraries on the use of the State Library eResources by public library members under this scheme?

No.   The State Library is investigating the provision of public library member registration statistics and will advise public libraries when/if this will be available. Statistics on use of SLNSW eResources by members cannot be separated on a client basis. 

Can the State Library eResources be accessed in a Public Library?

State Library purchased eResources are for individual use by registered members of the State Library.    Once registered, members can access the SLNSW eResources remotely anywhere using their membership card number.

State Library eResources cannot be used by public library staff for business purposes. 

How do public libraries market the State Library’s eResources and membership to clients?

At least one pull-up banner has been sent to each participating library service to display in your library to promote this initiative.   The banners can be rotated between the main and branch libraries until November 2015, after which time they may be disposed.   Participating public libraries have also received a number of promotional jpeg images and accompanying text which can be uploaded onto your Council/Library website.

Public Libraries should continue to market their existing eResources as per their normal practice.

Please note that specific State Library of NSW eResource titles should not be listed, nor promoted, on a council/library website unless the library has their own subscription to the title.

Eresources available through the State Library of NSW can be accessed in the library or remotely by anyone who is a registered SLNSW member.


Public libraries can link to the landing page for the eresources site on the SLNSW website: http://www2.sl.nsw.gov.au/eresources/

How do participating public libraries notify the State Library of changes to membership card (barcode) sequences?

If new membership number sequences need to be added and/or deleted, the public library needs to complete the online Public Library Barcode Change Request form located on the NSW.net website www.nswnet.net/feedback/public-library-barcode-change-request

How long will public library clients of participating Councils be able to register as a member of the State Library to access the State Library’s eResources using their public library membership?

Indefinitely, as long as public library clients maintain a current active membership with their local public library

Where can I find a list of State Library databases?

To find an up to date list of State Library subscriptions:

1.    Go to the eResources web page on the State Library website (URL)

2.    Select the browse database option and then click on browse

3.    Filter by access type (In the Library or anywhere with a Library card)  and subject (select the ALL box)

From year to year the list of eResource titles may vary in accordance to the State Library of NSW collection development policies and funding considerations.