indyreads™ Content Licensing

To facilitate the acquisition of Australian content the State Library of New South Wales developed a new licensing model  which provides the framework for the acquisition of digital content from publishers and includes terms and conditions which support the core mission of libraries:  

The NSW Public Library Agreement for Purchasing Electronic Content  is based on the principles of:

  • Perpetual access and preservation
  • The right to move the content to an alternative platform
  • A default 1 copy 1 loan lending model but with the flexibility to negotiate alternative concurrent access provisions
  • & The right to modify files for Accessibility purposes (i.e. modification of the files to enable access by vision-impaired clients)

The State Library has successfully used this agreement to acquire digital content for the indyreads™ platform from Australian publishers. 

This agreement can be used by any NSW public library service to facilitate the direct acquisition of digital content from local publishers and authors.

To obtain a copy of the agreement please contact