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Can clients reserve books in indyreads™?

Yes, a registered library card holder can reserve a title which is out on loan.  To do so a client must be logged into the indyreads™ platform.  There are no limits on the number of reservations a user can place. Please refer to the user guides.

What type of formats can be hosted on the indyreads™ platform?

The following formats can be hosted on indyreads™: EPUB, PDF, MP3 & MP4.

Can my library buy content from the indyreads™ marketplace exclusively for our members?

The indyreads™ platform has an opt-in Odilo Marketplace which contains over one million titles.  Public libraries can select content exclusively for use by their members from the Marketplace (segmented collection).  Any content purchased by a library from the Marketplace would be debited to the service along with the associated DRM fees.  If you are interested in having a marketplace account set up for your service please contact NSW.net.

How can we upload content sourced from our local authors, historians and publisher?

The State Library of NSW has created a bespoke agreement to facilitate the licensing of content by NSW public libraries from local authors, historians and publishers.  Phase 3 of the indyreads™ rollout scheduled for the second half of 2019 will provide the NSW public library network with the necessary resources and training to license and upload community content.

Can we upload digitised or digital local studies content and if so what type of content?

In phase two of the indyreads™ rollout scheduled for mid-2019 interested NSW public libraries will be permitted to upload digitised or digital local studies content onto the indyreads™ platform.  The types of material which will be permissible include manuscripts, ephemera, oral histories and transcripts and history books. 


The platform is not designed to host images and as such no image collections are to be uploaded. 





How can a library make suggestions for purchase for the statewide licensed collection?

A suggestion for purchase for an individual title or a collection of works from a publisher can be made via the patron account, 'suggestion for purchase' section or by contacting NSW.net directly (contact us form). 


The key requirements are that the work(s) is by an Australian author or Australian publisher.  The emphasis is on titles published by independent Australian publishers.  Please forward the suggestion to NSW.net via the contact us form.  


What is the indyreads™ statewide licensed collection development policy and how does it complement our existing eBook collection?

The indyreads™ platform will contain an opening collection of approximately 9000 statewide licensed eBook and eAudio titles sourced from Australian independent publishers, a selection of titles in languages other than English as well as international content including, small press and indie genre fiction, reference, modern literary, classic fiction and non-fiction titles.  A curated collection of the best examples of domestic and international self-published content will also be available.


The aim of the statewide collection is to provide a broad range of titles beyond the bestsellers which typically form the core of public library digital collections.   Content from Australian publishers which are not readily available through traditional library distribution channels will also be prioritised. 


Can indyreads™ be deeply integrated into our library management system via an API?

Yes, indyreads™ can be deeply integrated into the Aurora AIT and SIRSI Dynix library management system via RESTful API.  Once configured this allows a library patron to search, discover and download indyreads™ titles from within the library online catalogue. 

If you use Aurora AIT or SIRSI Dynix and would like to configure deep integration with indyreads™ please contact NSW.net.

Libero aims to have deep Web Services RESTFul API integration with indyreads completed by the second half of 2020.

CIVICA/Spydus will only commence work on deep Web Services RESTFul API integration with indyreads upon receiving  individual requests from their NSW public library clients.

SOLUS aims to integrate indyreads into their library App by the last quarter of 2020


Will there be training for public library staff?

NSW.net will provide user guides, manuals and webinar training to public library staff throughout the statewide rollout. Training sessions will also be hosted at the State Library and onsite training will be available upon request. Details will be forwarded via the Library Managers LISTSERV.

Does indyreads™ support Android and IOS devices?

Yes, there will be a dedicated indyreads™ APP for Android and IOS devices available in the Apple Marketplace and Google PLAY stores. Please refer to training material.