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I would like to develop policies to guide the usage of the internet by the public.


The Library Council of NSW has endorsed Internet Policy Guidelines for NSW public libraries. The Guidelines are available on the State Library of New South Wales website.

The Guidelines have been developed to assist NSW public libraries develop up to date policies for internet usage by the public.
Please contact your Public Library Services Consultant for information and assistance with policy development if required.
Are there any libraries already using the Wireless Management System and if so, can you please send me a few names so that we can contact them to find out how this is working out for them?
NSW.net can provide you with some reference sites, however, we will need to give them a courtesy call prior to providing you with their details.
How can I find out if ADSL is available in my area?

To check your site’s ADSL availability, click on the link (Telstra ADSL qualifier) then enter your details to see if you have access to ADSL: http://register.bigpond.com/check-availability.do TIP: It’s always a good idea to enter in a fax number instead of a telephone number as it tends to improve the accuracy of the Telstra qualifier


Does NSW.net provide free access to Web security email and filtering services?
Yes. Each year NSW.net purchases a number of MessageLabs email and web filtering licences from Symantec.cloud for use by NSW.net connectivity clients. If spare licences for email and/or web filtering are available, NSW.net can allocate these spare licences to your organisation. Contact NSW.net for your request.
How does the NSW.net wireless Internet access for libraries work? I assume people have to tune in and log on with a user ID and a password.
Basically, we set up a Wireless Access Point (small wireless radio device) in the vicinity of where the public users will be able to sit at a desk with their laptops. This Wireless Access Point is connected back into the Sonicwall firewall. The wireless access point then allows public users to connect to your existing NSW.net internet service.
What speed should I expect on my new ADSL2 connection?
ADSL2 is the next generation of ADSL broadband. Speeds can range from 10Mbps to 20Mbps but will vary due to a number of factors including distance from the local exchange, quality of the customer’s copper line and equipment.
Will I need special equipment to take advantage of the new speed?
New and existing sites will be provided with ADSL2 compatible modems/routers and SonicWall firewalls to take advantage of the higher speed.
I am interested in upgrading my Internet service. Can NSW.net help me?

Yes. NSW.net can provide you with pricing for a wide range of subsidised Internet services through our partner ISP’s (AAPT and Optus). As all site requirements are unique, prices are on application so please contact NSW.net for an obligation free quote.