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Issues and Controversies

Extensive coverage of 1000's of today's hot topics, with unbiased analysis and rich related resources. Includes a dedicated study and research skills resource centre for students.  Articles written from both perspectives with discrete “Supporters Argue” and “Opponents Argue” section on each subject providing a concise and informative summary on the issue as well as ideas for arguments and counterarguments. Updated weekly, with an extensive backfile.  Presents both sides of an issue clearly, coherently, and without bias an ideal resource for private research, debate preparation and persuasive writing, each article includes a full range of supporting materials. 

World News Digest

Authoritative coverage of world news and issues from 1940 to the present.  Information, context, and perspective promoting a broader perspective on the world.  Essential for students of history, political science, economics, international affairs, sociology, and many other subjects.  Concise, original, clearly written news summaries provide context and perspective on current events. “Week in Review” section spotlights timely, hot-button topics of the week, linking to editorially curated content, including news articles, social media reaction, videos, editorial cartoons, and infographics. Distilled from carefully selected sources and authored by our editorial experts to form an essential record of world events. Hundreds of institutions—including CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, NPR, the CBC, Forbes Media, Time, The Washington Post, Jeopardy!, the Naval War College, and the parliaments of Canada and Australia—rely on World News Digest for crucial information and context on today’s top issues.



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